Is your yoga mat eco-friendly and durable?
Are you still using the non-decomposable PVC, NBR or Eco-PVC (still PVC) traditional yoga mat?
Your yoga mat has alignment lines can help you to improve practice?
Long enough, wide enough and thick enough?
Preventing slippery? Perfect cushioning? Odor less? Light weight?

We gather inspiration from best yoga instructors and yogis’ feedback and comments, Heathyoga mat is designed to ensure best experience of all level of yogis. Hope you will enjoy our products and share the joy with others.

Translation on Heathyoga Sanskrit TPE yoga mat:
“There are infinite regulations in the world, as humans we only need some of them. They are unlimited laws in the world, only some of them are important. For all the morals in the world we can only live by some of them. The world holds unlimited power and with this we will do all we can.”

It is estimated that there are over 80 million Yoga and Pilates practitioners worldwide. Every year, more than 200k yogis joined the Heathyoga family for quality yoga mats that are environmentally friendly and health conscious. Because our yoga mats are the best size and thickness, they provide excellent grip and comfortable cushioning; they are lightweight for travel and are durable enough to last for years.

The eco-friendliness of a Heathyoga Plus yoga mat already starts with manufacturing, where the by-products are recycled to save resources. The mat itself can also be recycled. It blends harmoniously with the cycle of nature: When exposed to heat and pressure (e.g. in case of landfills), the TPE cells decompose over time and only non-toxic water and elements that evaporate in the air remain.

Warranty: All genuine Heathyoga products come with a 1-year warranty and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to make your purchase worry free.

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